Helping Hand Foundation launches health care centre in Hasanagar slum

Hyderabad: Helping Hand Foundation has set up another primary health care centre in a mosque in Hasanagar slum, in Rajendarnagar Mandal.

The health centre was set up in Masjid Adam Ahlyisalam, a mosque in the locality, after a survey done across 550 households in the area which showed the lack of free and quality primary care in slums.

The new centre will cater to a catchment of 5 colonies with about 10,000 households and a population of about 50,000  approximately.

This is the fourth centre established by the Helping Hand Foundation. The ceremony for the launch of the centre was inaugurated by Mazharuddin Hussaini, the executive director of SEED-USA.

The foundation hopes to be able to contribute to equity in health care by helping patients and the marginalised sections regain trust in public health service with easy access to facilities, courtesy charity fundraising or online charity.

Helping Hand foundation wished to provide to all citizens regardless of caste and creed free access to high-quality primary care, dental services, eye screening, in house labs and ambulance services to higher centres.