Helping Hand Foundation opens free primary school in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Helping Hand Foundation (HHF) has opened a 100% free primary-cum-bridge school in Errakunta, under the Jalpally municipal limits. The school is aimed at educating first-generation learners from migrant labour families, who have historically faced significant barriers in accessing quality education.

The decision to open the school was made after a recent survey conducted by HHF across 15 major slums, including Hakeempet, Md Lines, Rajendranagar, Kishanbagh, and others. It revealed that 27% of students, nearly half at the primary level, had dropped out of school in the past academic year.

The survey identified that financial hardships were the primary reason cited by 75% of parents for these dropouts.

Moreover, 4% of children of school-going age were found entirely outside the education system, underscoring a critical need for intervention. Most notably, 65% of the dropout cases were attributed to families migrating from states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh, facing immense challenges in integrating into the local educational framework.

Recognizing the uneven distribution and availability of government schools in these slum areas, HHF mapped 756 government schools, revealing stark disparities. Despite efforts to promote enrollment in these schools, only 30% of the children counseled were successfully registered, with transportation emerging as a formidable obstacle for 55% of parents.

In response to these findings, HHF inaugurated a primary school, welcoming 400 students thus far. Equipped with 14 classrooms, including dedicated facilities for bridge school students, the institution boasts a robust team of 12 qualified teachers, a headmistress, counselors, and support staff to ensure a conducive learning environment.

Moreover, It has also implemented free transportation service for all the students

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