Hostels & PGs in Hyderabad raided after restaurants, violations found

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Hyderabad: After weeks of raids on restaurants in Hyderabad, hostels and PGs (Paying Guest hostels) fell under the radar of the Telangana Food Safety Department, with raids taking place in the Madhapur area on Sunday, June 16.

During these raids on hostels and PGs in the upscale area, officials found various food safety and hygiene violations.

lack of hygiene in hostels & PGs found

At Sri Lakshmi PG Hostel, Kavuri Hills, the department found that the facility was found to be operating without any FSSAI license.

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Food safety dept inspects tomato sauce making units in Telangana

โ€œVegetables (cauliflower and ladiesfinger) were found to be infested with pests. The Dosa pan was found to be rusted. The work area was observed to be unhygienic. Improper storage: Rice and dals are stored along with mattresses. The spot test was done for water, and tomato sauce in the โ€˜Food Safety on Wheelsโ€™ vehicle and the parameters were found to be in an acceptable range. Loose chilli powder and Bengal gram samples were lifted on suspicion of adulteration,โ€ the department said in a press release.

Unsanitary conditions in hostels & PGs

At VG Homestay, Madhapur, officials found that this place was also running without an FSSAI license.

โ€œUsage of food colours observed. Dosa tawa found to be rusted. Observed raw materials, and vegetables in unsanitary conditions. Refridgerator found in unhygienic condition. Workers found without hairnets. Spot test done for drinking water, vinegar, chilli sauce and tomato sauce. Parameters were found to be in an acceptable range. Loose chilli powder sample lifted on suspicion of adulteration,โ€ officials informed.

Expired products, lack of hygiene

At Narayana Society, Sy No. 11/20, Madhapur, expired products were found.

โ€œExpired white gravy (2kg), chopp masala (2kg) found. No Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC) supervisor among the staff. The Dosa pan found to be unhygienic and rusted. Observed multiple hygiene issues in the kitchen area. The grinding area was found to be untidy and with a high chance of contamination. Open drainage, garbage storage area, and wash area found to be in unhygienic condition,โ€ they said.

At Narayana Medical Academy, Sy No. 11/51, Madhapur, the establishment running without an FSSAI license.

โ€œNo FOSTAC supervisor among the employees. Found water dispensers base to be rusted. The serving area was found to be unclean,โ€ they added.

The violations found during these raids on hostels and PGs in Hyderabad raise questions on the standards being followed by business owners and the priority with which the health of the consumer is being considered.

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