Hostels, PGs in Hyderabad raided, violations found

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Hyderabad: A team from the Food Safety Department of Telangana, along with the ‘Food Safety on Wheels’ vehicle, conducted inspections at PGs and hostels in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Following inspections, it was found that the hostels were operating without any FSSAI licenses.

Violations at hostels in Hyderabad

At Sri Laxmi Executive Men’s Hostel, fungal-infested potatoes, rotten tomatoes, and rusted dosa tawas were observed. Moreover, tea powder failed spot testing due to the presence of color.

Expired pepper masala, chole masala, and fish masala were found at Hari Heaven Luxury Men’s Hostel. Ants were in the water dispenser, rusted dosa tawas were present, and raw materials were improperly stored.

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Raids on hostels, PGs in Hyderabad continue; expired items, hygiene issues flagged

At one of the hotels in Ayyappa Society, Hyderabad, Tirumala Executive Men’s Hostel, rusted dosa tawas and open dustbins were found. Rice flour was infested with pests, and a chili sauce sample failed the spot test.

At R3 Colive, rusted dosa tawas, gutkha spit marks on kitchen walls, and an unhygienic kitchen were observed. Moreover, samples of chili sauce, tomato sauce, and tea powder (due to the presence of color) failed spot tests.

Unhygienic conditions found at PGs in Hyderabad

Unhygienic conditions were observed in the work area, refrigerator, and wash area of Mamata Executive Women’s PG.

Additionally, drinking water failed the spot test, and the usage of synthetic food colors was found at the PG.

At 7 Hills Luxury PG for Men, rawa infested with pests was found, along with unhygienic conditions such as rusted dosa tawas, cockroaches in the kitchen area, and open dustbins.

This was not the first time the Food Safety Department conducted inspections at various hostels and PGs in Hyderabad to ensure food quality.

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