Housing issues dominate GHMC’s ‘Prajavani’ grievance program

Hyderabad: The ‘Prajavani’ grievance redressal program held by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on January 22 saw a significant number of complaints, with the majority revolving around housing issues.

During the event, attended by Mayor Vijayalakshmi and Deputy Mayor Srilatha Shoban Reddy, 86 petitions were received, and 62 of them were related to double-bedroom housing.

Many applicants expressed their interest in the 2BHK housing scheme, while some raised concerns about the quality of the units they had already received. Notably, residents from Ahmedguda complained about issues like cracking walls and insufficient amenities.

Several grievances also centered on basic necessities such as power, water, and other facilities. Mayor Vijayalakshmi cautioned beneficiaries against falling prey to individuals posing as GHMC officials, highlighting the importance of avoiding bribery attempts for securing power and water connections through online payment apps.

She advised beneficiaries to apply for such connections at local offices, attaching the government-issued title certificate.

Mayor Vijayalakshmi also instructed officials to issue receipts for every complaint and pledged to resolve them within a week’s time.

This initiative aims to streamline the grievance redressal process and address housing concerns promptly.