Huge turnout in Telangana for voter ID special campaign

Hyderabad: A special campaign by the Election Commission of India (ECI) in Telangana saw a massive response from the people. Over two days, citizens participated in large numbers to register as new voters, remove names from voter lists, and raise objections.

During this short period, a total of 97,616 forms were filled out. People submitted 54,000 new applications (Form-6), 17,652 requests to remove names (Form-7), and 25,964 objections (Form-8). The second special campaign on Sunday added 53,831 more forms, covering various requests.

These included 28,037 new registrations (Form-6), 9,665 name removals (Form-7), and 16,129 objections (Form-8). Some polling stations lacked Booth-Level Officers (BLOs), and the authorities are looking into this.

District Election Officers visited 504 polling stations, and Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) and Assistant EROs visited a significant number of polling stations.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Telangana thanked everyone for their active involvement. The CEO assured that all claims and objections would be addressed promptly by the respective EROs.