Hurun Philanthropy List: Know donation by Hyderabad billionaires

Hyderabad: The Edelgive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2023 has been released, highlighting a 41 percent increase in donations. City-wise, the number of billionaires who made donations is the lowest in Hyderabad.

With a total donation of 31 crore, Hyderabad is at the bottom of the list of city-wise philanthropies.

Most generous donor in Hyderabad

The most generous donor in Hyderabad is Murali K Divi and Family, who made the highest donation of 22 crores, whereas K Satish Reddy and Family donated seven crores.

Following is list of city-wise generous philanthropy

Rank City Number of donors Most generous donor
1 Mumbai 39 Mukesh Ambani and Family ( INR 376 cr)
2 New Delhi 19 Shiv Nadar and Family (INR 2042 cr)
3 Bengaluru 13 Azim Premji and Family (INR 1774 cr)
4 Pune 7 Bajaj family (INR 264 cr)
5 Ahmedabad 5 Gautam Adani and Family (INR 285 cr)
6 Chennai 4 Kalanithi Maran and Family (INR 30 cr)
7 Kolkata 3 Sanjiv Goenka and Family (INR 85 cr)
8 Hyderabad 2 Murali K Divi and Family (INR 22 cr)
Source: Hurun India

List of billionaires in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is home to four billionaires out of the 100 richest individuals in India. The list of billionaires in Hyderabad is as follows:

  1. Murali Divi & Family
  2. P.P. Reddy & P.V. Krishna Reddy Family
  3. P.V. Ramprasad Reddy

Hyderabad ranks seventh in the list of Indian cities by the number of billionaires.