Hyd: Congress accuses University of discrimination against OBC faculty

Hyderabad: All India Congress Committee (AICC) National Spokesperson Dasoju Sravan on Friday accused the Hyderabad-based English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) of discrimination against the OBC faculty by keeping their posts vacant.

Sravan told ANI that AICC has submitted a “representation” to the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) member Talloju Achari regarding the alleged discrimination against the OBC faculty.

“It is very unfortunate that the custodians of the constitution are demeaning and destroying the constitution and its principles. To be particular, in the English and Foreign Language University (EFLU), Vice-Chancellor Suresh Kumar seems to be indulging in violating the Other Backward Classes (OBC) reservations and is not fulfilling the constitutional rights of the backward class people,” said Sravan.

“Today on behalf of AICC, a representation has been submitted to the National Backward Class Commission member Talloju Achari regarding the depriving of reserved faculty posts to OBC category in English and Foreign Language University (EFLU) here in Hyderabad,” he said.

He further added, “There are about 236 faculty posts in EFLU out of which 176 faculty posts are full now. As per the OBC reservation, the strength of the OBC faculty must fill 64 faculty posts but as of now only 27 OBC faculties working in those posts. On top of it, the vice-chancellor has released a notification for the recruitment of 58 faculty posts of which only 8 posts have been allotted to OBC category.”

“Why is that the OBC people despite have reservations are deprived of the opportunity,” he asked.

Meanwhile, Talloju Achari said that “Dasoju Sravan on behalf of the AICC has submitted a representation explaining the situation of OBC reservation for faculty posts in the educational institution.”