Hyd Pharma Biological E to produce 60 cr J&J vaccines per year

Hyderabad: Biological E. Limited of Hyderabad will produce 60 crore of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Corona vaccine in addition to its own to boost the overall supplies of the country to mitigate shortages.

In this regard, Biological E. Limited and Johnson & Johnson will sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) soon.

Johnson & Johnson has confirmed that both the companies will cooperate with each other.

The Managing Director of Biological E. Limited Mahima Datla said, “We will be manufacturing Johnson & Johnson vaccines alongwith our own. But the manufacturing plants and facilities for both these vaccines will be separate from each other.”

Datla had announced in February that his company has been contracted by J&J to manufacturing 60 crores of its vaccines per year.

But India’s list released last week does not include J&J vaccine as a likely candidate for vaccination this year.

Hyderabad is fast turning into global hub for Corona vaccines’ manufacturing.