Hyderabad: 1 more dies in Bullet motorcycle explosion incident

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Hyderabad: The death toll in the Bullet motorcycle fuel tank explosion at Bibi Bazaar in Moghalpura on May 3 reached four, with one more person succumbing to injuries on Tuesday.

Abdul Raheem, the owner of the Bullet motorcycle who suffered severe burns, lost his life after battling his injuries for 25 days. Three other persons who were trying to put out the flames had died due to injuries in the incident previously.

Nine people in total were injured when the Bullet motorcycle caught fire and it’s fuel tank exploded within minutes. Two police constables were also amongst injured.

The incident transpired when Raheem and a woman relative were going on the Bullet motorcycle when it caught fire.

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In a video that was recorded of the incident, the policemen can be seen along with others, one of whom was trying to put out the fire with water from a pipe. Then suddenly the Bullet bike explodes and a massive fore engulfs the space for a brief second.

All the people injured and deceased have been identified as: Shoukath s/o Sayeed age 38 years R/o Jahanuma; Khaza Pasha s/o Abdul Waheed R/o Shamshabad; Abdul Raheem s/o Late Abdul Kareem age 29 years R/o Malakpet; Soaud s/o Sayeed age 31 years R/o Talabkatta; Md. Hussain s/o Md. Arif age 18 years R/o Talabkatta; Shaik Qader s/o Late Khaza age 25 years R/o Jhangir nagar Talabkatta; Md. Nadeem age 32 years R/o Sultanshahi Nagar; Shaik Aziz s/o Shaik Yousuf age 18 years R/o Talabkatta; Md. Ghouse Rahman s/o Aziz Rahman age 28 years R/o Santosh Nagar.

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