Hyderabad: 10 companies attend pre-bid meet on Singareni solar plant

Hyderabad: The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) held a pre-bid meeting on Tuesday at Singareni Bhawan in Hyderabad for the development of 232 mega-watt solar projects at several business sites of the company.

The meeting included representatives from ten firms including Tata Solar Power, Enrich Energy, Novas Green Engineering, and Earth In Project. Officials from SCCL explained the project and the specifics of the solar plants that SCCL will build in eight areas.

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At the meeting, Singareni officials revealed that the company has successfully completed 224 MW of its initial 300 MW of solar plants and is already producing electricity.

According to officials of the Singareni finance department, tenders must be submitted by September 25, and the construction must be completed within a year after the finalisation of the tenders.

The three tenders will be floated for a 67.5 MW unit, 134.5 MW across four locations, and a 30 MW unit, with an estimated construction cost of Rs 1,348 crore.