Hyderabad: 13-yr-old dies while undergoing dog bite treatment at Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad: A 13-year-old girl passed away on Friday night at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad. The girl was undergoing treatment for almost 40 days after being bitten by stray dogs in Pochammapalli village on the outskirts of Manokondur Mandal headquarters.

The girl who is identified as Komalla Maheswari was a class 7 student at the Pochammapalli government model school.

As per the details of the incident, the stray dogs attacked her when she was completing her school homework outside her residence. Following the attack, she was rushed to a private hospital in Karimnagar, where she received three doses of anti-rabies vaccine. However, her condition worsened, and she was then shifted to another private hospital in Hyderabad. Due to the high costs of treatment, her family decided to shift her to the Gandhi Hospital on March 9.

Sadly, despite the medical staff’s best efforts, she lost her battle with the injuries sustained from the dog bites.

This tragic incident once again highlights the importance of taking immediate action to address the issue of stray dogs in various districts of Telangana including Hyderabad.