Hyderabad: 14 unclaimed Muslim bodies laid to rest by Siasat Millat Fund

Hyderabad: 14 Muslim bodies were interred by Siasat Millat Fund at the Secunderabad graveyard after being recovered from Osmania Hospital and Gandhi Hospital. The community gathered to pay their respects, offering prayers for the departed souls and seeking solace in religious traditions.

The Hussaini Alam Police Station submitted a letter to Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of The Siasat Daily, formally requesting the burial of a Muslim body. Subsequently, 13 more applications were received from various police stations, highlighting the collective effort to ensure that these individuals are granted a dignified final resting place.

Leading the funeral rites were Maulana Syed Abdul Hafeez Ashrafi, the Imam and Khateeb of the Jama Masjid Muhammadia Kishan Bagh. As the namaz-e-janaza, the funeral prayer, was offered, the community came together to offer their prayers.

A gathering include Syed Maazuddin Ashrafi Khalifa Hazrat Allama Madani Mian Ashrafi, Khwaja Hameeduddin, a notable social activist, and Muhammad Akram Hussain, Hussaini Qadri Eidi Bazar, Syed Amiruddin, Syed Zubair Hashmi, and Muhammad Hussain Qadri Arif added to the solemnity of the occasion.

A resident of Secunderabad shared her reflection, remarking, “Death is, without a doubt, the inevitable path that leads to reuniting with our Lord.” Sympathetic sentiments and prayers filled the air as the gathering paid their respects.

Amid the poignant proceedings, Syed Abdul Mannan expressed deep sorrow over the loss of Zaheeruddin Ali Khan Sahib, highlighting the significance of honoring those who have passed away. Muhammad Abdul Jalil led prayers for the doners of the Millat Fund, invoking blessings and seeking eternal rest for the departed souls.