Hyderabad: 2 bike thefts nabbed; 4 vehicles worth recovered

Hyderabad: The city police here nabbed two automobile thefts and recovered four sports bikes worth Rs 6 lakhs. The accused were arrested by officials after stealing motorcycles from different areas under the Hyderabad, Cyberabad and Rachakonda police jurisdictions.

According to the Hyderabad police, the accused have been identified as: Fardeen Khan, 18, Mohammed Shareef, 23, and Ekender Singh, 20. Fardeen, a resident of Nallakunta, was working as a bike mechanic at King koti, during which he met Ekender Singh. Both of them frequently met each other in the King Kothi area while working their jobs. They reportedly would chit chat about sports bikes riding as they were passionate about riding, said the police.

Fardeen and Ekender soon began riding bikes which were available at the mechanic shed where the former worked. Over a period of time they reportedly got addicted to Ganja and Nitravit tables. To meet their ‘expenditures’, they began stealing sports bikes. In 2021, they stole Bullet vehicles under the Shamshabad police station limits and also stole a Pulsar NS under the Choutuppal police station.

Both of them caught and jailed. However, even after their release, the duo went back to stealing bikes again. They soon met the third accused Mohammed Shareef, who worked as a mobile technician at Jagadeesh market in Hyderabad. After convincing him, Shareef also started to accompany them while committing thefts, mainly as he was in a financial crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of their operation, Ekender Singh would break bikes handles by sitting on the seat and applying force on the handle with his leg. Once the handle broke, Fardeen would interchange wires accordingly and start the vehicle. Shareef would ride the stolen bikes to their destinations.