Hyderabad: 219 cases booked for smoking on railway premises

Hyderabad: The South Central Railway (SCR) officials booked 219 cases against those found smoking in railway premises during a month-long safety drill.

Additionally, seven cases were booked against people carrying inflammables including firecrackers on trains.

Safety checks were executed between October 18 and November 16 by the SCR officials. They conducted 1540 checks at different railway stations, 1028 checks in trains and 186 checks on other railway premises.

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In addition to that, several awareness programs were held before Diwali to sensitize rail users not to carry inflammables on railway premises.

Railway officials had earlier cautioned the rail users to not carry firecrackers or any other explosives like gas cylinders, petrol and fuel while travelling in train.

SCR, NDRF conduct mock safety drill

A tragedy occurred inside a train carriage, trapping about 25 individuals. At that point, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team was notified by the Railway Emergency Control Room to assist in saving the passengers to which the railway ART TEAM reacted promptly.

The NDRF team reached the station and rescued them with their specialised equipment.

This was a mock exercise conducted jointly by the SCR and the NDRF personnel at Bolarum railway station on Friday, November 17.

The drill was aimed at checking the coordination and preparedness of various emergency and disaster response services during an emergency.

The mock drill was also to test the use of various equipment procured for use during disasters. It was to undertake hands-on experience with tools like cold cutting equipment such as a sabre saw, and an abrasive cutter.

These are used to cut the window rods and the coach body, which facilitates easy lifting of injured passengers and evacuate them from the affected coaches.

A 140-tonne crane and accident relief train were also put to use during the entire exercise.