Hyderabad: 3 arrested for stealing from Police command centre

Hyderabad: The Banjara Hills police on Wednesday arrested a gang for the theft of copper wire from the under-construction building of the Police Command and Control Center. The accused had stolen up to 38 copper wire bundles worth Rs 38 lakhs to resell it at higher value.

The arrested individuals were identified by the police as Sonu Khan (34), Sourab Biswas (24) and Bikash Ranjan Behera (19), who were all working at the construction site of the command center as an ambulance driver, security guard, and a security supervisor respectively. Another accused, Shanker Kumar, is currently absconding.

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Hyderabad: Copper wire worth Rs 10L stolen from Police Command Centre

The primary accused Sonu Khan along with the security guards stole 38 copper wire bundles worth Rs 38 lakhs. They sold the bundles at scrap shops in NBT Nagar, Balkampet, and Musheerabad.

On June 10, the admin in charge of the command center noticed that copper bundles were missing and filed a case with the Banjara Hills police, who took Khan into custody immediately, and further investigated the case to find others involved.