Hyderabad: 53 lakh cases filed for riding without helmet in 2021

Hyderabad: The most prevalent traffic offence observed by the Hyderabad police is riding without a helmet. In 2021, 53 lakh cases were filed for riding without a helmet. The total number of traffic offences reported was 70 lakh.

Despite significant educational and enforcement campaigns, Cyberabad and Rachakonda police continue to notice a high number of persons breaching the Motor Vehicles Act.

The police have also begun booking pillion riders for not wearing a helmet alongside the motorcyclists. The Rachakonda commissionerate recorded 15.53 lakh cases of biking without a helmet.

According to a recent report by Hyderabad traffic police, 356 persons who died in traffic accidents in Cyberabad were not wearing helmets while riding a two-wheeler.

Other frequent violations include driving on the wrong side of the road, triple riding, speeding, and so on. Almost four lakh cases of driving on the wrong side were filed in all the three commissionerates.

In Hyderabad, almost 25,000 cases were filed for riding under the influence of alcohol.

The Hyderabad traffic police have analysed the 2021 traffic violation report to come up with an action plan to reduce traffic violations in the city.

In 2021, the Hyderabad traffic police registered 70 lakh cases against two-wheeler riders for various traffic offences.