Hyderabad: 58% of accidents constitute two-wheeler riders

Hyderabad: A total of 211 two wheeler riders were killed in road accidents in Cyberabad in the last six months.

According to the traffic police, the two wheeler riders constitute 58 per cent of the 363 deaths recorded since January 1. It means 211 fatalities are of the persons driving two wheelers. The traffic police further explained that of the 211 persons 172 are drivers who were not wearing helmets while the remaining are the pillion riders.

“Although we are creating awareness about the importance of helmets in terms of safety, people are not following the rules. Enforcement through challans is also done,” said an official of Cyberabad traffic police.

The police said in a few cases the drivers who were wearing helmets have also died and it is either because they were wearing inferior quality helmets or the magnitude of the accident was very high.

“Only ISI mark helmets should be worn by the rider and the pillion. It is compulsory else as part of enforcement challan will be levied and case booked,” said the official.