Hyderabad: 60 colonies in ORR-2 supplied with drinking water

Hyderabad: 60 colonies in Outer Ring Road phase-2 received connection to drinking water under the ongoing efforts by the state government.

Another 58 colonies are all set to receive drinking water connections in the next ten days. The Rs 1,200 crore ORR Phase-2 project will provide drinking water to municipalities, municipal corporations, gram panchayats, colonies, and gated communities within the Outer Ring Road perimeters.

In a Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) review meeting on Wednesday, managing director of the water board, Dana Kishore, said that the 60 “first priority” colonies already have finished pipeline works.

“215 km of new pipelines have been laid, and drinking water supply has already started. Work in the other 58 colonies which were decided as the first priority will be expedited,” he said.

“Pipeline expansion work in these colonies will also be completed in another 10 days. The construction of 75 km pipeline is underway in these 58 colonies.”

Dana Kishore advised the public who wish to apply for new connections in these areas to register on the water board website. He said the water board was organising special camps for registration of new connections in areas where the pipeline had already been completed and was also creating awareness among the people.

He said that the ORR Phase-2 works will be completed in two phases by December 2022. He pointed out that since residents of the area would face difficulties due to the pipeline works during the monsoon season, work would be expedited to complete the entire pipeline before the season begins.