Hyderabad: 7-year-old drowns in rainwater filled-elevator pit

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Hyderabad: A seven-year-old boy drowned in an elevator pit that was filled with rainwater after he accidentally fell into it on Monday.

The incident took place at a construction site in Hayathnagar at around 6 pm.

V Raghavender, a class four student from Pavanagiri Colony in Hayathnagar, was returning from tuition along with his two younger siblings when he stopped at the construction site to play.

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Later in the evening, his siblings returned home but Raghavender did not.

Worried over the boy’s delay in returning home till late at night, his parents started searching for him and later found him drowned in the pit.

Police said that the boy could have accidentally fallen in the lift pit that was filled with water and drowned.

Hayathnagar police have registered a case and initiated an investigation.

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