Hyderabad: 7-yr-old adopts 7 wildlife species at Nehru Zoo Park for birthday

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Hyderabad: In a generous gesture of love towards wildlife, a seven-year-old boy adopted seven species of animals housed in the Nehru Zoo Park on Wednesday, June 12.

Yuvaan S Hiremath, on his seventh birthday, adopted an African lioness (Adishna), a Great Indian one-horned rhinoceros (Nanda), a crocodile, an owl, an ostrich, a wolf and a lion-tailed macaque at the Nehru Zoo Park for one month.

Yuvaan handed over a cheque of Rs 75,000 to the director (FAC) and curator of the Zoo Park.
Talking on the occasion with the zoo officials, Yuvaan stated that he was motivated by his parents who are both animal lovers.

Yuvaan thanked the management of the Nehru Zoo Park for offering an animal adoption scheme, where one could adopt the wild animals of their choice for a period of time.

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“I have adopted all these animals as per my choice and I am feeling very proud that I became an adopter of seven animals on my seventh birthday,” he said.

The animal adoption scheme is attracting a greater number of Hyderabad residents, wherein they can adopt any animal at the Nehru Zoo Park for a single day and a maximum of one year, either by handing over a cheque or through the website by completing the payment process online. An instant undersigned copy of the memorandum of understanding will be issued.

Individuals or companies/corporates in Hyderabad can claim income tax exemption, for adopting animals at the Nehru Zoo Park under the scheme, under Section 80G (2) & (5) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, or donate funds under corporate social responsibility.

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