Hyderabad: 959 unclaimed vehicles auctioned for Rs 66 lakhs

Hyderabad: City police on Monday auctioned as many as 962 seized and abandoned vehicles in the 16th phase of public auction at Goshamahal police grounds.

During the auction, Joint Commissioner of Police City Armed Reserve (CAR) Headquarters M Srinivas addressed the bidders, who were mostly from the automobile field, and requested a fair bid.

About 550 bidders from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh attended the event and a total of 959 vehicles were auctioned.

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Hyderabad: 1096 unclaimed vehicles auctioned for Rs 76L

Around 893 two-wheelers, 8 three-wheelers, and 15 four-wheelers were abandoned and unclaimed scrap vehicles which were auctioned for Rs 56,07,000.

Despite notifying owners through press releases, most of them were reluctant to collect their vehicles. Some of the unclaimed vehicles’ condition had deteriorated to such an extent that they can only be sold to scrap dealers.

The remaining 43 vehicles, 42 two-wheelers and a four-wheeler were auctioned for Rs 10,12,000.

The total amount received in the auction was Rs 66,19,000 and 3 two-wheelers were rejected for not reaching the price fixed by Road Transport authorities. The amount will be deposited in the government treasury.