Hyderabad: A love letter for the forgotten Kohinoors

Hyderabad: If you are new to the city exploring its heritage and history and you come across these giant rocks that are spread everywhere but have no idea about their origin or story, then here’s a film that will answer all your questions.

Other Kohinoors, The Rocks of Hyderabad, a love letter to the rocks of Hyderabad, directed and produced by Uma Magal and co-produced by Mahnoor Yar Khan, are hosting a free screening of their film on September 4 at 10 am, Prasad Multiplex, Theatre 5, IMAX Road, NTR Marg.

About the film

The film explores the relationship of the rocks with its people. These rocks have stood the test of time. Infact, Hyderabad’s lore, humour, languages, poetry, prose, songs, films, textiles, art, characters, crafts and cuisine were inspired by the rocky landscape.

Uma Magal was disappointed by the loss of these rocks. After studying and working abroad in films, she finally decided to return home. When she saw how the landscape, which was a huge part of her growing up years, had changed due to the growing urbanization, she was heartbroken.

She decided to make a film so that whatever is left is treasured. Along with an old friend, Mahnoor Yar Khan, they decided to make a film and that is how Other Kohinoors, The Rocks of Hyderabad was born.

For more information, you can visit their website here. Here is the trailer of the film