Hyderabad: ACB raids HMDA ex-director Balakrishna’s properties

Hyderabad: The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has launched a massive search operation at the residence of former HMDA Director, Shiva Balakrishna and his close relatives. A total of 14 teams are involved in the searches at various locations linked to Balakrishna, including his house, relatives’ residences, and properties associated with him. The operation was initiated based on information suggesting that Balakrishna accumulated significant assets through alleged illegal means.

The searches started on Wednesday morning and, according to sources, the searches will keep going on the following day. ACB officials suspect that Balakrishna amassed properties may exceed Rs 100 crore, including flats, bank accounts, and benami holdings.

As part of the investigation, the ACB is yet to access bank lockers and verify other properties such as lands, stock market shares, and additional deposits.

The officials reportedly faced challenges during the operation, as Balakrishna’s relatives were non-cooperative. The ACB is determined to thoroughly investigate the allegations and ensure a comprehensive examination of Balakrishna’s financial dealings, a senior official said.