Hyderabad: ACIB demands better representation for visually impaired

Hyderabad: The All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) wrote to the state government asking the body be consulted before decisions on their welfare are made for them in a meeting on Saturday.

AICB is a 42-year-old body of organization operated by visually impaired people, for their community. It recently opened its South Indian headquarters in Hyderabad. AICB is made of various state-level organizations, starting from the grassroots level. It has 24 affiliates across the country.

The representatives felt that their needs were not understood nor met by the state government. As a result of which the needs of the community remain unfulfilled. They demanded that the blind community at large must be consulted before making any decisions for their welfare. 

The representatives of the seven blind organizations put forth seven demands to the state government;

De-reserve the sixth roster from the present to make it more inclusive to all genders.

Appoint a disabled person (visually impaired) as Commissioner for Disabled welfare in the Government of Telangana

Severely disabled people (visually impaired) should be given first preference in employment rather than clubbing a person with 40% disability with someone with a 100% disability. In cases of conflict, considering the person’s merit, action should be taken.

Implement conveyance allowance and readers allowance as recommended by the Pay Revision Commission

Make it compulsory and ensure that the blind students who receive a monthly pension of Rs.3000/- attend school

Ensure that visually impaired people are given 1% reservation in all government schemes

All special schools for the blind should be brought under one umbrella, either under the Welfare Department or the Education Department.