Hyderabad activist urges KCR to field KTR or Harish from Goshmahal to defeat Raja Singh

Hyderabad: Renowned social activist Khalida Parveen has appealed to chief minister and Bharat Rashtra Samithi supremo K Chandrashekar Rao to consider fielding a strong candidate — either his son KT Rama Rao or his nephew and state health minister T Harish Rao from Goshamahal — against BJP’s T Raja Singh in the upcoming Assembly elections.

In a statement issued on , she said that the constituency is diverse and boasts of a significant 28% registered Muslim voters. “We will rally behind the BRS in order to secure a comfortable and crucial electoral win,” she said.

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Calling Raja Singh a ‘hatemonger’, and serial offender, Parveen said the BJP candidate’s divisive rhetoric and polarizing actions have sown discord in the region.

“What further complicates the matter is Raja Singh’s suspension from his own political party due to his use of disrespectful language against the revered Prophet. This incident has cast a long shadow over his credibility and raises concerns about his ability to gain the trust of all voters, particularly the Muslim community,” the statement said.

“It is essential to prioritize candidates who can bridge divides, strengthen community bonds, and work towards the betterment of the Goshamahal constituency and Telangana as a whole. There is an urgent need for inclusive and responsible representation in our democracy, as well as a call for unity in the face of divisiveness,” the statement concluded.