Hyderabad Agnipath protest: Violence instigated via Whatsapp groups

Hyderabad: The alleged mastermind of the Secunderabad railway station violence, Avula Subba Rao, a native of Praksham in Andhra Pradesh, along with a few of his fellow candidates who attended coaching for induction into the Indian army, allegedly planned the riot and executed it with their help.

The Hyderabad police, during interrogation of around 50 persons who were picked up for questioning in the case, found that several Whatsapp groups including ‘Hakeempet Army Soldiers’, ‘Hakeempet Rally Group’, ‘Justice for Army CEE’ and ‘Army GD group 2021 March’ were activated to gather the army job aspirants and provoke them over the Centre’s Agnipath scheme.

he Police found the chilling audio messages in a particular Whatsapp group with one of the members allegedly asking its members (mostly who took army recruitment exam training) to come to the Secunderabad railway station on Friday with petrol, tyres, and old clothes to burn trains.

He reportedly provoked candidates telling them it should be an impactful protest. “If we want our voice heard, we should act now to save our future,” the man can be allegedly heard saying in an audio message, according to the police.

In its investigations, the police reportedly found one other person addressing the group members saying they will have little time, and so all of them should “immediately” do as much damage as possible at the Secunderabad railway station before the police could react.

A batch of around 200 people arrived via the Krishna Express at the Secunderabad railway station as early as 6 am. A few hundred more joined them later around 9 am, and a few hundred more arrived by bus and others on their own transport. The railway police from Secunderbad will transfer the case to the Hyderabad police and the Special Investigation Team (SIT).