Hyderabad: AIG conducts Asia’s 1st high cervical spinal cord stimulator implantation

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Hyderabad: The neurosurgical team of AIG Hospitals successfully achieved a groundbreaking feat in the field of neurosurgery and pain management with Asia’s first high cervical spinal cord stimulator implantation (Neurostimulator) for the treatment of chronic headaches.

It was performed on a 23-year-old female patient from Mauritius who suffered from medically refractory, debilitating chronic migraines with autonomic symptoms.

“All existing medical therapy options had been exhausted and she continued to be in excruciating pain before the surgery. This pioneering procedure marks a significant milestone in the medical landscape, offering hope and relief to countless individuals suffering from chronic headaches,” AIG Hospitals said, in a press release.

Commenting on this remarkable feat, Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy, chairman, of AIG Hospitals, expressed his pride in the hospital’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

He stated, “At AIG Hospitals, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of medical innovation to improve the lives of our patients. Chronic pain is often not given much importance, but it impairs a patient’s life sometimes throughout their lifetime. It is great news for all such patients suffering from any type of chronic pain not just headache or backache, where this kind of implant can offer complete relief. The successful completion of Asia’s first neurostimulator implant for chronic headache underscores our dedication to delivering world-class healthcare solutions.”

This operation was led by Dr. Siddharth Chavali, senior consultant – Chronic Pain & Neuromodulation at AIG Hospitals, alongside Dr. Subodh Raju, director of neurosurgery.

The procedure represents a significant advancement in the field of neuromodulation, which is increasingly recognized for its ability to alleviate various chronic pain conditions by modulating nerve activity through targeted electrical stimulation.


The neurostimulator implant procedure involves the placement of a device that delivers mild electrical impulses to targeted nerves, effectively interrupting pain signals and providing relief to patients suffering from chronic headaches. The device delivers minor electrical signals through a lead positioned in the epidural space.

These signals intercept pain messages before they reach the brain, resulting in a sensation of pain relief for patients rather than experiencing the pain itself. This innovative approach represents a significant advancement in the management of chronic pain conditions, offering new possibilities for patients to reclaim their lives, the hospital group said.

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