Hyderabad: AIG Hospitals’ new biopsy tech gives results in 5 minutes

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) in Gachibowli announced on Wednesday, March 6, the introduction of a new technology called VivaScope, which may offer biopsy findings in as little as five minutes.

The founder and chairman of AIG Hospitals, Dr. Dageshwar Reddy, described the new technology as a game-changer since it can provide a solution that drastically cuts down on biopsy time, enabling real-time diagnosis and treatment planning.

Traditionally, it can take up to five days to gather tissue samples and perform analysis.

“The new technology is a leap forward in GI endoscopy with the ability to provide immediate tissue sections in the endoscopy room itself. This is particularly crucial in urgent cases, especially pertaining to GI cancers, where immediate decisions are required,” he said.

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Additional advantages of the new technology include pathologists’ ability to access information remotely and on-site, diagnose patients quickly and make treatment decisions more quickly, examine fresh tissue right away upon excision, and enhance accuracy and teamwork.

The technology allows for the storing and sharing of high-resolution photos, which promotes consistency in diagnosis even in difficult cases and fosters collaboration among healthcare experts, according to Dr. G. V. Rao, Director of AIG Hospitals.

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