Hyderabad: AIG Hospitals set up BioBank to store human tissue samples

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Hyderabad: In a first in South India, AIG Hospitals has established a BioBank, a pioneering facility dedicated to the preservation and analysis of human tissue samples for diverse research purposes.

Inaugurated by eminent American biologist, Dr Leroy Hood, the bioBank has become the first such initiative in South India.

The newly launched bank can keep over three lakh BioSamples for more than 15 years, helping in genomic research.

The BioBank has a total of fifteen 80-degree freezers, five 20-degree freezers, and three 160-degree liquid nitrogen tanks with a cumulative capacity of storing more than three lakh BioSamples.

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Aiming at fostering collaboration among researchers, institutions, and industry partners, the bank will provide a collaborative platform to accelerate discoveries and innovations in the field of preventive medicine.

Speaking at the launch, the chairman of AIG Hospitals, Dr D Nageshwar Reddy said, “The BioBank will serve as a vital resource for researchers, clinicians, and scientists, providing them with access to a vast repository of high-quality human tissue samples among other important biosamples.”

With this BioBank the hospital will be able to analyse thousands of BioSamples representing a wide range of patients for the next 5 to 10 years.

“Combining the same with the latest AI systems we should be in a position to predict chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart failure way before they start to show symptoms.” added Dr Reddy.

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