Hyderabad Airport, Lanco Hills, Guttala Begumpet waqf cases demand revised action

Hyderabad: The issue of illegally occupied waqf properties in India has sparked a call for action, with advocates emphasizing the need for honest and genuine Muslim leaders to be appointed to the Waqf Boards. The aim is to prevent governments and unscrupulous politicians from exploiting these valuable assets, thereby benefiting the poor and needy Muslims and reducing dependence on government assistance.

A recent report highlighted the staggering value of waqf properties in Telangana, estimated at Rs 10 lakh crore, of which 75 percent have been unlawfully seized. Numerous legal cases are pending, and the failure of the Waqf Board to protect these properties has been attributed to various factors, including corruption, bribery, and the dishonesty of lawyers. This situation calls for immediate attention and concerted efforts to reclaim the illegally occupied lands.

The significance of safeguarding waqf properties is underscored by their potential to generate income and alleviate economic challenges faced by the Muslim community. By preserving these properties, not only can financial conditions improve, but opportunities for education can also be created. This is crucial as many individuals are currently forced to employ their children in menial jobs due to limited alternatives.

Prominent among the illegally occupied lands are those related to Hyderabad International Airport, Lanco Hills, and Eidgah Guttala Begumpet. The government allegedly acquired 1,100 acres of land belonging to Dargah Hazrat Baba Sharfuddin Pahadi Shareef for the construction of Hyderabad International Airport, while valuable land spanning 1,654.32 acres of Dargah Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Wali Waqf Manikonda Jagir was acquired for Lanco Hills. Additionally, 92 acres of land at Eidgah Guttala Begumpet have also fallen victim to encroachment.

It is disheartening that the community often forgets the injustices perpetrated against them, the destruction of their properties, and incidents of fake encounters. The article by Sarah Mathews serves as a reminder, highlighting the transformation of the Omar Farooq masjid into the vast expanse that is now Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. This exemplifies the extent of the issue and the urgent need to address it.

In order to combat this problem, it is imperative for experienced individuals who have previously dedicated themselves to protecting waqf properties to join the cause once again. Honest legal professionals, such as Mahmood Paracha, should champion the revival of these cases. Moreover, the involvement of men, women, youth, and children in the mission to “Save Constitution and Waqf” is crucial for its success.

Efforts to reclaim and safeguard waqf properties are not just a matter of preserving assets but also a means of ensuring justice and empowerment for the Muslim community. The collective action and determination of individuals across all segments of society will be instrumental in achieving this noble objective.

If you want to protect the waqf properties and are concerned about the progress and prosperity of the Muslim community, then you can associate yourself with the “Save Constitution and Waqf Property campaign” and connect with this sacred mission through the QR code given below or visiting website (click here) and become a waqf saviour to play an important role in the protection of the waqf properties.