Hyderabad airport tops list of punctual airports in India

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad has appeared on top of the list of airports that carry out operations as per schedule, in the month of March, as they rerecorded 90.43 percent On-Time Departures (OTD).

OTD accounts for the percentage of completed flights that departed the gate on time (less than 15 minutes before the scheduled gate departure time). The on-time departure ranking is used to
determine the top-performing airports.

The data given by aviation analytics firm Cirium revealed that the RGIA is the only global airport to break the 90 percent OTD barrier set by the Japan airport, with a 90.43 percent OTP (On Time Performance) recorded in March.

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As many as 3 million flights for every airport globally were reviewed by Cirium in the past year and were categorized into four types based on the number of seats as follows.

Global Airport and Large Airport

Airports under this category bear the capacity for 25-40M seats with an actual gate departure coverage of 80 percent or better and must serve at least three 3 regions inclusive of its own.

Medium Airport

Bears the capacity for 15-25M seats with an actual gate departure coverage of 80 percent or better.

Small Airport

Such airports have a capacity of less than 15 M seats with actual gate departure coverage of 80 percent or better.

Trend report

As per global and large airport rankings under the trend report of Cirium, Hyderabad topped the list with Bangalore airport scoring the second position.

A total of 14,658 departed from the RGIA during the last year through 77 routes with an average departure delay of 51 flights which is the minimal number of flights delayed at any airport throughout the nation.

The ranks were followed with El Dorado International Airport (BOG), Columbia, Philadelphia International, and, Ronald Reagan National Airport.

Not just departures, but RGIA Hyderabad also has topped the list of airports recording On-Time Arrival with 87.74 percent of its flights reaching the airport at the scheduled time.

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