Hyderabad: All-women Qunoot-e-Nazila prayers for Gaza held in Saidabad

Hyderabad: A group of women on Thursday, October 19, organised ‘Qunoot-e-Nazila’ prayers at the Eidgah Hazrath Ujaleshah in Saidabad in the city.

A sizeable number attended the prayers with their children in response to the organizers’ appeal to the community to express solidarity and make dua for the safety of the people who are in distress.

Apart from Qunoot-e-Nazila prayers, several silent protests or flash protests are being regularly organised in Hyderabad in the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah conflict that started this month.

A flash protest was also held recently at Shahalibanda. Another small silent protest was held near Charminar with youth holding placards standing silently to express their solidarity.

What are Qunoot e Nazila prayers?

Qunoot-e-Nazila is a special prayer by Muslims performed during calamities that befall the community. It is preferable to perform it during Fajr prayers (namaz before dawn) but can be performed during any five obligatory prayers.