Hyderabad: Almost 10 Cr fed by Annapurna ‘Rs 5/meal’ scheme

Hyderabad: The state government’s Annapurna Food Scheme, which aims to provide hygienic meals at very low prices, has fed almost 10 crore residents of the city since its inception in 2014.

For a very low price of just Rs 5, the scheme provides a full spread of 400 grams of rice, 120 grams of Sambar, 100 grams of vegetable curry and 15 grams of pickle to people from all walks of life.

Before lockdown, the scheme was being implemented in about 150 centres in the city, providing around 45,000 meals per day.

During the first lockdown, Annapurna meals were supplied totally free of cost within the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits. The meals were provided across 373 centres including the mobile Annapurna canteen (the easily noticeable vans) during lunch and in 259 centres during dinner time.

During 2020-21, 2,29,46,080 meals were served. Since 2014, the scheme provided a total of 9,67,53,612 meals to the people at a cost of 185.89 crores.

Soon, Annapurna canteens will be unveiled to the public, where there will be a seating area available. 32 locations have been identified at each circle of the GHMC to establish “Seating Annapurna Canteens”.