Hyderabad: Almost extinct, Orange & peppermint candies are back

Hyderabad: The good old candies made out of fresh orange, ‘kachi keri’ (raw mango), lemon, coconut, black peppermint and mint that had almost disappeared from street corner shops are back. A marker for many 90s children of their childhood, the sweets are back in shops and even on pushcarts alike in the city.

Push cart vendors are now stocking and selling small packets of peppermints of different varieties on the streets of Hyderabad. Priced at Rs. 10, each pack contains around 8 pieces of the peppermint candy, and is sold at various thoroughfares and local markets.

Jaweed, a trader from Kalapather in the Old City of Hyderabad told said he works for a trader who supplies the candies to him. “I am paid Rs. 500 a day. I sell sweets worth Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3,000 on a daily basis. There is good demand for it,” he said.

Fatafat (digestive pill), roasted channa (chick peas) and peanuts, dry` fruits like raisins and cashews are also sold. Also a hit amongst children in Hyderabad are the ‘til laddu’, ‘chikki’ and the ‘murmura laddu’.

These candies were sold everywhere in markets by a handful of vendors who earlier kept it the treats in baskets or trays, selling these at the bus stations and railway stations across Hyderabad.

“Realizing the demand, a few small time businessmen started packing it and pricing it for Rs. 10 each pack. People readily buy it for the amount as it is not high. Moreover, the nostalgic feeling it also gives some helps in sales. Men carry it home for their children often whole returning post work. They share their childhood memories,” said Nayeem Khan, of Tallabkatta.

Shahnawaz Khan, a cloth merchant said, “Occasionally we purchase the peppermint and keep in the drawer. When any old time friend comes I share it with him. This also starts a long discussions of our childhood days.”