Hyderabad: Apollo hospitals, HMR conduct free cardiac screening

Hyderabad: Apollo hospitals in collaboration Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) on Thursday conducted free cardiac screening at Ameerpet station to commemorate World Heart Day.

The free medical camp was also set up at Raidurgam metro station between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The camp at Ameerpet metro station was inaugurated by Murali Varadarajan, CSO, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd; Dr Vijay Aggarwal, Director, Medical Services, Apollo Spectra, and Mr Srinivas Reddy, CEO, Apollo Spectra Hospital.

Similarly, the camp at Raidurgam metro station was inaugurated by Sudhir Chiplunkar, COO, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd; Tejesvi Rao, COO, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad and Dr Ravindra Babu, Medical Director, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills.

As part of the free camp tests include Random Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, BP Check, Height, and Weight, followed by a physician consultation. ECG screening was done for those found to have some trace of cardiac ailments and Echo Screening was done for those needing further investigation.

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World Heart Day is observed annually on September 29, globally to raise awareness about the rising incidence of cardiovascular disease and related health issues.

World over, on an average more than 17 million people die from heart-related illnesses every year. The number of deaths due to heart ailments is more than the deaths due to HIV, malaria, and cancer. According to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular diseases result in over 30% of global mortality, Of these 85% result from a heart attack or a brain stroke.

Speaking of the free camp, Dr Vijay Aggarwal said “knowing our health status is critical, if we undergo periodic health check-ups we will have an update on our health status.  Especially cardiac health status is very important, heart disease can lead to an emergency situation, which is generally a life and death condition.”

“If we know any impending health problem in advance, we can take preventive measures and remain healthy for a long time. So it is essential to get regular health check-ups done, eat proper diet, do exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle and all those ensure and healthy heart and long life,” he added.