Hyderabad: Arrangements in place for Ganesh immersion at People’s Plaza

Hyderabad: The arrangements for Ganesh immersion at People’s Plaza on PV Marg in the city were reviewed by the officials of various departments on Tuesday, September 19.

Suggestions by the officials poured in as the Ganesh festival organized all over the state bears special recognition in the city.

Animal husbandry minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav along with special chief secretary to the state Arvind Kumar visited the immersion site in the city on Tuesday.

The duo was accompanied by GHMC Commissioner Ronal Rose and City police commissioner CV Anand.

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It is estimated that around 90 thousand idols will be immersed this year for which ponds have been set up.

Furthermore, there will be heavy police forces deployed along the procession routes and immersion areas.

Talasani also launched the football tournament organised by the All India Jewellery Handmade Workers Federation at Gymkhana Grounds.