Hyderabad: Autodriver attempts to sell passenger’s gold; arrested

Hyderabad: An auto-rickshaw driver, was arrested, on Monday, for withholding a bag of golds ornaments forgotten in his vehicle by a passenger.

Ten days ago, Dr Neelima Tata, aged 42, was heading towards Begumpet to go to Secunderabad when she forgot her bag of gold which weighed almost 10 tolas, in the auto. Instead of returning the gold bag to the owner, the driver was making an effort to sell it.

After unsuccessful attempts of finding the auto in the neighbourhood she arrived at the Gopalapuram police, who arranged a special team and identified the vehicle and the driver, Maskani Vinith (23), a resident of Ramnagar. Gopalapuram ACP N Sudhir said that Maskani took the bag home and was working out to sell the gold.