Hyderabad: Bahadurpura Junction turned into lake after heavy downpour

Hyderabad: It seems the troubles of the Bahadurpura residents are not likely to be ending soon. Their troubles are growing day by day even after the construction of a new bridge.  The residents were hoping that the traffic jams in the area would be decreased.  New problems were created for the residents of the area due to the heavy downpour as the rainwater with slaughterhouse waste entering into their shops. This situation is likely to persist till next three months.

After the construction of the bridge, the water authority have excavated the ground for laying the water pipelines which is creating an innumerable problem for the traffickers.  Instead of finishing the water lines project with day and night work the project has been left in between. Generally, the pipeline works are to be completed before the completion of bridge construction in order not to cause damage to the newly constructed road.

The local residents say that they complained many times to the local MLAs and Corporators about these problems but they have not done anything to mitigate them.

The local residents of Bahadurpura appeal to the Water Works and GHMC authorities to make effective arrangements of water drains to save the people and the traders from the inconvenience caused to them during the rainy season. They also appeal that the pipeline work should be completed as soon as possible as with the onset of monsoon the Bahadurpura junction turns into a lake.