Hyderabad: Bahadurpura residents grapple with overflowing drainage water

Hyderabad: Despite claims of development in the old city, several areas continue to grapple with ineffective drainage and sewage systems. This issue has resulted in water entering houses and shops in low-lying areas during the monsoon season.

According to a Bahadurpura resident Mohammed Abid, each year, prior to the monsoon season, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and municipal administration announce plans to address this problem, but the results are often not visible when the rains arrive.

Residents of the Bahadurpura area have been dealing with the issue of dirty water flowing on the roads for several days.

Many people visit the Bahadurpura mandal office daily for various tasks but have to navigate through the dirty water on the road. While men can manage to some extent, women face significant difficulties.

Residents have noted that accessing mosques has also become challenging due to the dirty water. Meanwhile, students walking to school in the morning hours are facing difficulties due to waterlogged streets.

Despite repeated appeals to local public representatives and authorities, the problem remains unresolved. Local residents claim that even the mandal office officials have drawn attention to the issue, but no action has been taken.

The flowing water not only contains rain water but also dirty water from nearby manholes, making it difficult for pedestrians to avoid.

Residents, regardless of their religion or community, are urging authorities to urgently install a new drainage system and halt the water flow on the roads by cleaning the existing one.

The continuous water flow has led to a mosquito infestation, increasing the risk of various epidemic diseases. With the looming threat of the Nipah virus in the country, residents are demanding immediate action to stop the water flow.

It has been suggested that a separate pipeline is needed for the water coming from the drains. Water works and GHMC officials are reportedly attempting to place blame on each other for the situation.

Local residents are calling for the immediate intervention of the local MLA to provide relief to the community.