Hyderabad bar seized by Excise dept after raid for ‘obscene’ activities

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Prohibition and Excise department of Telangana seized a bar on Friday after suspending its license for violating rules by operating as a pub and for engaging in ‘immoral acts’ involving female employees. The action was taken after the Begumpet police raided the establishment earlier this month and arrested 108 people – 33 women and 75 men – following which an inquiry was done.

Urvashi Bar and Restaurant, the establishment in question, was first raided by officials of the north zone Task Force from the Hyderabad police. In a press release, the police said that the establishment had ‘engaged in illegal activities involving female employees’. The Excise department eventually took action for violation of laws as well

“These activities included indecent exposure and attempts to involve them in immoral acts, all conducted with the knowledge of management. Despite being licensed as an inn and bar, the establishment was operating as a pub, featuring inappropriate dance performances by female employees, compromising their dignity and modesty,” said a press release from the Hyderabad police.

After a case was registered, people, including the bar’s three license holders – mandhadi Srinivas Reddy, Siranji Bala Venkatesh, and Kaleru Mahipal – were also arrested. A letter was also subsequently sent to the District Prohibition & Excise Officer, Medchal Malkajigiri district, urging the cancellation of the establishment’s license. Following that, the department seized ‘Urvashi Bar and Restaurant.’

According to the Prohibition and Excise department, the bar was also reportedly had women dancing ‘obscenely’ when it was raided by the Begumpet police earlier this month, apart from shortchanging customers by serving them slightly lesser alcohol while serving them. The bar also flouted rules by setting up an extra counter, and also failed to provide a ‘Nowkarnama’, or documents related to the hiring of workers, said the department.

The bar, in response to a show cause notice by the Excise department, denied the allegations and said that there was a birthday celebrations when the police raided it and found ‘obscene’ activities. The management also responded to the other charges levied against it and requested the government to drop further action.

However, the Prohibition and Excise department decided against dropping of charges and seized the bar. The Hyderabad police also said that it will take further legal action.

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