Hyderabad BJP candidate clarifies on ‘arrow’ video after outrage

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Hyderabad: After outrage over a video of Hyderabad BJP Lok Sabha candidate K Madhavi Latha allegedly pretending to shoot an arrow at the Siddiamber Bazaar mosque in Old City, she issued a clarification over the issue.

“It has come to my notice that one video of mine is being circulated in media to create negativity. I would like to clarify that it’s an incomplete video and even because of such video if anyone’s sentiments are hurt then I would like to apologise as I respect all individuals,” she said in a post on X on Thursday, April 18.

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Did BJP Hyderabad MP candidate pretend to shoot arrow at mosque?

The video of her participating in the Ram Navami procession on Wednesday went viral on social media.

Following it, several netizens claimed that she was pretending to shoot an arrow at the Siddiamber Bazaar mosque during a Ram Navami procession and was slammed over the purported gesture. Many demanded action against her as well.

In the video that emerged online, Madhavi Latha is seen standing in a jeep at Siddiamber junction, pretending to aim an arrow, while onlookers watch. The crowd films the BJP leader’s actions using mobile phones and cheers her on.

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