Hyderabad: BJP minority morcha offers prayers for PM Modi’s long life at Yousufain Dargah

Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) State Minority Morcha on Wednesday offered special prayers at the Yousufain Dargah here for the longevity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his well-being.

Following the alleged major security lapse during his visit to Punjab’s Ferozepur, the Telangana BJP Minority Morcha organized special prayers and also placed a Chaadar at the Dargah this evening.

Speaking on the occasion, Afsar Pasha BJP Minority Morcha State President alleged that during the visit of PM Modi, the Congress government in Punjab had miserably failed in providing security to the PM and alleged that the Punjab government conspired against him (Modi).

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Protesting at the lapses that occurred and at the failure of Punjab Congress in providing security to the PM of the country Pasha wished the PM a long life and prayed for his well-being.

“I wonder whether the Congress government had actually failed to provide security to the PM or was there any conspiracy that needs to be probed,” said Pasha.

He added that there are suspicions being raised of alleged collusion of the Punjab government with the Khalistani movement in neighboring Pakistan and that radical forces were involved to obstruct Modi’s visit to that State. 

Stating that the people of the country need to take this issue seriously, he questioned as to what the government of Punjab would do if there were, for a fact, serious lapses insecurity, and radicals had obstructed the PM’s path.

“After the PM waited for over 20 minutes on the flyover, the Punjab police failed to disperse the protesters and did not put in place more stringent security arrangements, despite knowing that a protest was going to take place, is a reflection of the security negligence of the Congress government,” he alleged.

“Although the PM had withdrawn the three farm laws, protesters in the state of Punjab appear to have conspired to obstruct his visit and the government, in turn, failed to provide necessary security cover to the PM of the country,” he added.

Pasha concluded by saying that the people of the country will teach the Congress government a lesson in the upcoming elections in Punjab.