Hyderabad: BJYM leaders detained after protest against fee hike in colleges

Hyderabad: Members of Telangana Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) were detained on Friday during a protest against fee hike in private junior colleges held outside Telangana Intermediate Board in Hyderabad.

BJYM also demanded that the private junior colleges must immediately pay the salaries for the last 10 months to the lecturers of their college.

Arun Kumar, a BJYM member, told reporters, “The intermediate board is ‘working hand in glove’ with the private junior colleges. While people have suffered a lot during the COVID-19 lockdown, these private colleges have hiked the fees of the college. Further, they haven’t even paid the salaries to the lecturers who work in these private junior colleges. During the lockdown, nearly about 6,000 lecturers were forcefully removed from the job.”

“We demand that all the 6000 lecturers, who were removed from the jobs, must immediately be given their jobs back. Further, we demand that all private junior colleges must pay the salaries for the last 10 months to their lecturers.”

Later, police arrived at the protest site and detained BJYM leaders.