Hyderabad: Black clay pot business flourishes at Jahangeer Peer Dargah

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Hyderabad: Shops selling black clay pots at Jahangeer Peer Dargah located in Kothur are reporting a brisk business in the run-up to the summer months

Very popular among the groups who visit the 720-year-old Dargah of Hazarat Jahangir Peeran and Hazarat Burhanuddin in Inmulnarva village of Kothur Mandal in Ranga Reddy district people during visit buy the black clay-made water pots, plates, and other articles.

According to legend, both the saints had come to this place from Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, to preach Islam and breathed their last here.

The clay articles are priced between Rs 50 and Rs 200 each and draw good demand from people.

Potter families of Inmulanara village make and sell the articles. ” We make the articles at our workshop and sell them in the market at J P Dargah. On holidays the business is good,” said Mahesh, a potter.

The demand for water pots is higher in summer and in other seasons people pick up utensils and coin banks of different sizes. People visiting the shrine take it along as a souvenir.

The Telangana Wakf Board plans to develop the dargah and its surroundings at a cost of about Rs 100 crore.

Among the major proposals are the reconstruction of the masjid to accommodate Musallies during Friday prayers and Urs, 20 new Niyaz khana sheds, sandal khana, 3 shopping complexes, guest houses for VIPs and other pilgrims, surveillance and security system, a modern slaughterhouse, drinking water facilities, toilets, drainage system, CC roads, bus shelters, beautification of the dargah and its environs, parking areas and other amenities for pilgrims.

Five years have passed and two inauguration programs held so far nothing is grounded. Sources said only paperwork is done so far.

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