Hyderabad: CB-CID continues investigating waqf properties in twin cities

Hyderabad: The CB-CID is currently investigating waqf properties in Telangana state, with a focus on identifying and surveying properties in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. However, there are concerns about the completion of the investigation due to the non-identification of occupants during the survey.

Police officials are conducting the survey of Waqf properties in conjunction with Waqf board officials and local leaders, but the absence of occupant registration details has made it difficult to identify who is occupying these properties. Despite this, officials have started to uncover details about the illegal possession of disputed properties in both cities, which are primarily occupied by politically motivated individuals.

During the survey, the CB-CID officials are gathering information on the current status of attached properties that are not under the control of the custodian or administrative committee. In order to take action against occupants, the officials are seeking the assistance of the municipal and revenue departments to identify and register occupant details in accordance with tax and revenue records. The Telangana State Waqf Board officials have pledged to revoke illegally possessed properties by identifying and obtaining the necessary documents. However, immediate collaboration between the revenue department, the concerned municipality, and the CB-CID is necessary to register land grabbing cases against the occupants.

It has been discovered that the properties that have been damaged the most are those with political influence, and officials are working to identify these properties and obtain their documents. The investigation is ongoing, and it is hoped that with the assistance of the revenue department and the municipality, the CB-CID officials will be able to fully identify the occupants of these illegally possessed properties and take appropriate action.

Waqf properties are held in trust for the welfare of the Muslim community and cannot be sold or transferred to anyone. The Waqf Board of Telangana oversees the management and administration of these properties, but there have been concerns about illegal encroachments and occupation of these properties by individuals with political influence. The CB-CID has launched an investigation into these properties, with officials surveying the properties and attempting to identify occupants. The goal is to ensure that these properties are properly managed and that any illegal possession is revoked.