Hyderabad: Celebrating Navroz, the Parsi new year on March 21

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Hyderabad: The Parsi community in Hyderabad gears up to celebrate Navroz, the community’s new year, on Thursday, March 21.

This coincides with the beginning of Farvardin, the first month in the Zoroastrian calendar.

The day before the Navroz celebrations, homes are decked with lights and flowers.

On New Year’s Day, all the fire temples across the city organize early-morning prayer gatherings.

To commemorate the occasion, Parsis exchange gifts, put on new attires, and carry out charitable deeds. Following breakfast, people make offerings of milk, water, fruits, flowers, and sandalwood at fire temples during the “Jashan” prayer.

In addition to these traditional practices, the Zoroastrian Club hosts a unique “Navroz Fusion Fiesta” on the same day, March 21, from 7 to 9 p.m.

In order to foster community spirit, this ticketed event offers a lively blend of culinary and cultural experiences, including a traditional sit-down dinner, live musical performances, and fun activities.

Parsis in Hyderabad

The Parsi community in Hyderabad is closely associated with the history of fire temples in the region. The oldest fire temple in Hyderabad is the Seth Viccaji-Seth Pestonji Meherji Fire Temple, located on MG Road in Secunderabad.

This temple, consecrated in September 1847, was built by two Parsi brothers, Pestonji Meherji and Viccaji Meherji. It is a significant place of worship for the Parsis in India and houses a sacred fire that has been burning continuously since its inception.

Apart from the Seth Viccaji-Seth Pestonji Meherji Fire Temple, Hyderabad is also home to two other fire temples. The Bai Maneckji Nusserwanji Chenoy Dar-e-Meher, built in 1904, is located at Tilak Road, Abids, serving Parsis residing in that part of the city.

Additionally, the Khan Bahadur Edulji Sohrabji Chenai Anjuman Dar-e-Meher fire temple stands opposite the Seth Viccaji-Seth Pestonji Meherji Fire Temple on MG Road.

These fire temples hold great historical and cultural significance for the Parsi community in Hyderabad, reflecting their religious practices and heritage.

The celebrations marking milestones like the 175th anniversary of the Seth Viccaji-Seth Pestonji Meherji Fire Temple highlight the community’s efforts to preserve their history and traditions for future generations.

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