Hyderabad: Charminar sees huge rush as shops extend hours during Ramzan

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A huge rush was witnessed at Charminar on Saturday night after the state government granted permission for shops to remain open until 4 am during Ramzan. The entire ambiance of the old city changed, taking on a more festive look as more and more people continued to arrive through the night.

Those who visited Charminar on weekends enjoyed the opportunity the most, exploring restaurants selling Haleem, Pather ka Gosht, Irani chai, and desserts.

The Charminar bus stand, a designated parking place, was completely packed with cars and motorbikes.

Groups of friends from across the city came to enjoy the Ramzan ambiance at Charminar, hopping from one haleem restaurant to another in the old city.

Scores of people come to visit Charminar on weekends. Due to the police sealing the place at midnight on weekends in normal days people vacate the spot which should be otherwise open 24/7 for tourist.

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