Hyderabad: City police raid pub for ‘obscene’ dance performances

Hyderabad: The task force police on late Saturday raided a pub in Ramgopalpet area for allegedly flouting the city police norms.

The police were informed that the pub is being run beyond the stipulated time period and has been entertaining customers with “obscene” dance performances. The police subsequently, arrested the customers and the staff of the pub.

“Tequila pub” located in Ramgopalpet area was allegedly being run till late midnight by violating the norms and allegedly women dancers were entertaining customers in objectionable manner.

During the raid, the police arrested 18 customers including women, the DJ operator along with the organizer were also held. The task force first videographed the violations and later carried out raids late in the night.

The arrested persons along with the seized items including the DJ system was handed over to the Ramgopalpet police and a case was also registered against the pub management.