Hyderabad: Collectors across the world vie for Nizam-era relics

Hyderabad: The jewellery, paintings, and artworks of the Nizams of Hyderabad have commanded a high price on international auction platforms.

A small white metal silver plate has received Rs, 11000 on December 17 in an auction house Christie’s in London. The price was good enough because the object was damaged.

According to the experts, Nizam’s objects have earned Rs 10,000 crore in private and public auctions across the world in the last 70 years. Excluding, the Nizam’s diamond or Bala Kohinoor mined in the Krishna River Basin and 11 kg gold mohur.

The Heritage expert from London, Ahmad Askander speaking to The Times of India said “The early 20th-century Anglo-India related white metal silver plate placeholder is 8cm tall and was sold for £110 (Rs 11000) in the auction. “There is some minor damage to this piece. One of the figurines of the tiger has its tail missing. Moreover, the picture of the Nizam is not in its best form. But it bears the photograph of the Nizam that appeared on the cover page of Time magazine.”

City historian Dr Mohammad Safiullah said, “the piece is a hand coloured image of the Nizam VII in the Star of India Robes, awarded in July 1914.”

“The Nizam VII is seen wearing the robe along with the Star of India and the accompanying orders and garter. After the first war of Independence of 1857, the British had created a hierarchy of awards and medals meant for the ruling chiefs and princes of Indian princely states. Both Nizam VI and Nizam VII were awarded the Star of India Robes,” he added.